Sync and Unsync to Dropbox just by using the right click menu on the folder. It actually works by moving the folder into Dropbox and then putting a symlink in its place.

If you are new to Dropbox, it is a popular file synchronization and backup tool which automatically syncs all your devices to the cloud. You can also share and collaborate on your stuff with others. It also offers you 2 GB of free online storage. Get Dropbox

But one limitation of Dropbox is that, it will only sync the files in your Dropbox folder. Our app helps to overcome this limitation by allowing any folder to sync with Dropbox right from its location.


  • Moves the source folder (the folder on which you right-click) to the Dropbox. Creates a symbolic link at that location pointing to the corresponding folder inside Dropbox.
  • Thus you can access the same folder from two locations.
  • Symbolic links are created using the junction utility (installs automatically with the setup) from Sysinternals.
  • If a folder with the same name already exists in your Dropbox, then it asks if it should merge & overwrite. If you wish not to merge, it moves the folder to Dropbox with a modified name.
  • While syncin', please ensure that no file in the folder is locked by any process.


  • Deletes the symbolic link, and moves the corresponding folder in Dropbox back to its original location.

Change Dropbox Path

  • DFS automatically detects the Dropbox path at the first usage and whenever the Dropbox path setting is corrupt (for eg. Some path which is not a folder).
  • If you feel the folder is not the Dropbox folder or if you wish to sync the folder with some other folder which is inside Dropbox, Use the "Change" button on the GUI to change this setting.

What's New:

  • Critical bug fixes, reduced clutter in Right-click menu, Automatic update notification.

Minimum System Requirments:

  • Works with Windows XP (SP 3), Vista, Windows 7 and 8.
  • Requires Microsoft .NET framework 4.0
  • Dropbox Folder Sync addon requires an NTFS partition with Dropbox installed in that partition.
  • Note: Dropbox Folder Sync does NOT work with network drives.