It also allows you to configure actions for keyboard shortcuts, normal mice and the Apple Remote. In addition to this it has an iOS companion App (BTT Remote) which can also be configured to control your Mac the way you want.

BetterTouchTool includes many goodies, like window snapping or an integrated window switcher.

BetterTouchTool is the (absolutely free) software for your Mac (running Mac OS X 10.6 or greater). It has tons of features and allows you to completely customize the way you work with your Mac):

What's New

  • Improved Notch Bar multi-display support (save mode per display, different modes for different displays)
  • Improved responsiveness of Notch Bar
  • Notch Bar can now use the desktop background picture (blurred), this is available in the advanced options.
  • Predefined action "Open URL" now has the option to open in the currently active browser. (Helpful when building a bookmark bar)