BetterTouchTool for Mac

BetterTouchTool for Mac 2.320

BetterTouchTool is a great, feature packed FREE app that allows you to configure many gestures for your Magic Mouse, Macbook Trackpad and Magic Trackpad.

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It also allows you to configure actions for keyboard shortcuts, normal mice and the Apple Remote. In addition to this it has an iOS companion App (BTT Remote) which can also be configured to control your Mac the way you want.

BetterTouchTool includes many goodies, like window snapping or an integrated window switcher.

BetterTouchTool is the (absolutely free) software for your Mac (running Mac OS X 10.6 or greater). It has tons of features and allows you to completely customize the way you work with your Mac):

What's New:

  • Added download link for alpha version 1.48
  • Sorry, as usual I introduced a few bugs in 0.931 ;-). Version 0.934 should fix most of them:
  • Fixed Three Finger Drag (however I recommend to use single finger doubletap to drag instead, which can be activated in System Preferences => Universal Access => Mouse & Trackpad => Trackpad options)
  • Fixed error message popup that some users encountered
  • Fixed the crash reporter
  • Various other little fixes. Please report any bugs or glitches you encounter!