It also allows you to configure actions for keyboard shortcuts, normal mice and the Apple Remote. In addition to this it has an iOS companion App (BTT Remote) which can also be configured to control your Mac the way you want.

BetterTouchTool includes many goodies, like window snapping or an integrated window switcher.

BetterTouchTool is the (absolutely free) software for your Mac (running Mac OS X 10.6 or greater). It has tons of features and allows you to completely customize the way you work with your Mac):

What's New:

  • More bugfixes for macOS Big Sur and the M1 processor.


  • BTT now supports a new preset bundle format that can include files which can be referenced e.g. in scripts or in the floating HTML view. Documentation for this will soon be added on This is quite powerful and I think it will allow some great new things to be created with BTT. I'm going to post various related tutorials on my blog soon.

Predefined Actions:

  • A few new predefined actions: Connect Bluetooth Device, Disconnect Bluetooth Device, Toggle Bluetooth Device. They can for example be used to easily connect / disconnect AirPods. You can also check the connection state via Apple Script now (see )
  • Switched the Floating HTML view to the modern Apple WKWebView because the old one BTT was using is deprecated. This will allow for some cool new things.
    • Files located in the preset data folder can now be accessed using presetfile://
    • Other local files can be accessed via localfile://
    • You can now write custom predefined actions in Swift or Objective-C:

Other small features:

  • Improvements for the 16" Macbook Pro.
  • The BTT Clipboard Manager (predefined action "Show Clipboard / Pasteboard History"), can now preview PDFs and various other file types.
  • Dragging a file (or something else) onto the BTT menubar or dock icon, will copy it to the clipboard and make it availble in the BTT Clipboard Manager.
  • Clipboard Manager got a new option to clear all entries but keep the ones marked as favorite.
  • Next event widget allows to select the number of days to look ahead
  • New triggers in "Named / Other Triggers Section": Specific app did launch, app did terminate, app did activate, app did deactivate.
  • New trigger in other / named triggers, "Did receive NSWorkspace Notification"
  • You can now place the icon for a Touch Bar button inside the text by using the {icon} placeholder
  • The calendar day widget has more configuration options, e.g. to select what happens on tap.


  • Improved Touch Bar visibility behavior after system sleep
  • Fixed randomly stuck Touch Bar buttons when using key repeat
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Significantly reduced false positive rate for the Tip Tap gesture.
  • Fixed issue where the "Restart after sleep" option would not be saved in general settings
  • Global Touch Bar gestures should behave better
  • Fixed a bug where the shell task / script action assigned to a Touch Bar widget would sometimes delete the Touch Bar widget's text after running the task.
  • Many little other fixes reported on