UNIGINE Community SDK is now free to all the technical enthusiasts worldwide. There are only a few real-time 3D engines on the mass market, and now here comes another big one. Previously our platform was available only to the large companies (making professional 3D simulators, digital twins, and so on), so the free SDK edition is a big deal.

The UNIGINE 2 Community SDK makes the same 3D rendering technology used by leading enterprises available to a global community of programmers and digital artists. Individual developers or projects with annual revenue or funding not higher than 100,000 USD, and non-profit organizations can leverage from the main features of the engine, including photorealistic visual quality, VR optimizations, both C++ and C# APIs, a library of ready-to-use high-level objects, and a visual scene editor. This will enable the creation of various applications with 3D graphics: games, animation, architecture visualization, VR apps, product visualization, interactive art, and much more.

The enterprise-grade features, like large world support with virtual scenes as expansive as the solar system, distributed simulation over a network, embedding into proprietary apps, an extended set of GIS/CAD data formats, advanced video output, professional motion capture, and many others are available in the commercial SDK editions---UNIGINE 2 Engineering and UNIGINE 2 Sim.

What's New

Complete release notes.

DirectX 12 and Vulkan (Experimental)

Needless to say, it took a while. We had our reasons: low quality of drivers and poor support from vendors at early stages, industry's negative experience of porting AAA games, the list goes on. Now that technology has matured enough, we are finally implementing experimental DirectX 12 and Vulkan versions of the engine starting from 2.16. Some features are yet to be added (like both terrains, SRAA, occlusion queries, and support for multiple windows), but we're working hard to implement them in future releases.

What We Have Now

Vulkan can bring you up to 100-200% CPU and 30% GPU boost, as compared to OpenGL implementation. DirectX 12 - doesn't offer that much, but it's still a good plus - up to 15-60% on the CPU side, as compared to DirectX 11.

Asset Store

The long-awaited Asset Store is finally here! Yet experimental, in a way it shaped the way how addons, demos, tools and other components of the engine will be distributed later on. Choose your SDK version, select categories, type in what you're looking for, and the list of all assets available for your project is at your disposal. For now, only free assets are available in the Asset Store and are published by UNIGINE. If you'd like to publish your assets for free use, please contact our support team.

New SDK Browser

SDK Browser is your starting point to the world of UNIGINE, where your projects take their first breath. It is full of templates, samples, demos and additional content. And we just made it better.

ROS Integration

From vacuum cleaners to autonomous combine harvesters and drones, robots are a huge part of today. UNIGINE actively moves towards the automotive industry and the world of autonomous systems where ROS (Robot Operating System) is a de-facto standard. We have introduced the ROS2 integration to simplify processes of building, training, and testing these systems in the virtual environment before hitting the real road.