Tweakeze (tweak-easy) is a software tool designed to watch (monitor) changes on Microsoft Windows file system and Registry database.

In order for any folders/files and/or Registry keys/values to be watched, a set of instructions called “Watcher” must be created. Watchers can be created using the “Creator” screen. Once a Watcher is created and saved to a “.twk” file, they are displayed in the “Watchers” Screen.

The application displays real-time status for a specific Watcher and allow users to manually fix the problem on-the-spot. Or by pressing the “Watch” button, Tweakeze is sent to the system tray and will start watching any checked Watcher in the “Watchers” screen. When watched items are changed by any means, the application will invoke pre-defined “Action(s)”.

These actions can trigger regular file/folder and Registry operations (i.e. delete, move, copy, set) or can run a script to capture changes and filter their execution or execute a completely different task.

All Active Script Languages installed on the machine (ie. VBScript, Jscript, PHP and etc) and also PowerShell scripting are currently supported. See Scripting Demo for reference.

\What's New:

  • Added support to load Windows Registry files (.reg) as Watchers
  • Added Watcher for Recycle Bin
  • Bug fixes, performance and UI improvements
  • Added Secure Deletion for files
  • Added System Idle Trigger
  • Added "Older Than" for File Delete Actions
  • Added Watcher for Prefetch Traces
  • Improved "Organize Temp Folders" Watcher by adding "Older Than" options
  • Bug fixes, performance and UI improvements