• Save, edit and load multiple profiles
  • Multiple temperature sources ( CPU, GPU, motherboard, hard drives, ".sensor" file )
  • Mix different curves and sensors together
  • Custom fan curves
  • Manual control
  • Fine tune the fan control response with steps, start %, stop %, response time and hysteresis
  • Modern, dashboard-style UI
  • Works as a background application with a customizable tray icon
  • And more!

Fan curve types

  • Linear : Temperature based linear function
  • Graph : Temperature based custom curve
  • Target: Temperature based that holds speed until target temperature is reached
  • Mix : Use two different curves and apply a mix function (Min, Max, Sum, Average)
  • Sync : Sync to an existing control
  • Flat: Set a fixed %

Graph fan curve editor

  • Add, remove and drag points arround the graph
  • Copy and paste points from a graph to another
  • Fine-tune the response with the hysteresis and response time parameters

Theme editor

  • Dark mode available

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