Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 Installation Instructions:

1. Turn off the HP OfficeJet and unplug the USB cable.
2. Uninstall the previously version of the software (Click Start, click All Programs, point to HP Officejet, and then click Uninstall Software )
3. Temporarily disable antivirus software.
4. Exit any running applications, games, utilities, multimedia applications.
5. Run the downloaded .exe file, then follow the screen directions presented during software installation.
6. For a successful install you will see a "Software Copied" screen with a prompt to "follow the instructions on your Setup Poster to set up your HP Officejet hardware."
7. Click "Next" on the "Software Copied" screen.
8. If a request to reboot dialog appears, Select [yes] to restart the computer.
9. Turn on your HP Officejet and connect the USB cable.
10. After the Add New Hardware dialogs, an "Install HP software" dialog will appear.
11. Select [next]. NOTE: The ReadIris application and HP instant support are not included with the Web download. Wait for the HP software to start and the Fax Setup Wizard to appear.
12. Complete the Fax Setup Wizard and E-reg.
13. When "Congratulations" appears, Select [skip tour].
14. See the Readme file or onscreen user guide for information on the new HP PhotoView Center application included with this software.
15. Upon completing the software installation enable the antivirus software.