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  • History of the Modern Graphics Processor, Part 2

    Voodoo Graphics revolutionized personal computer graphics nearly overnight and rendered many other designs obsolete, including a vast swathe of 2D-only graphics producers. The 3D landscape in 1996 favoured S3 with around 50% of the market. That was to change soon, however. It was estimated that 3Dfx accounted for 80-85% of the 3D accelerator market during the heyday of Voodoo's reign.

    By Graham Singer on

  • The History of the Modern Graphics Processor

    While 3D graphics turned a fairly dull PC industry into a light and magic show, they owe their existence to generations of innovative endeavour. Over the next few weeks we'll be taking an extensive look at the history of the GPU, going from the early days of 3D consumer graphics, to the 3Dfx Voodoo game-changer, the industry's consolidation at the turn of the century, and today's modern GPGPU.

    By Graham Singer on

  • Tablets of 2013: Nexus vs. Surface vs. iPad

    The tablet market doesn't look very different than it did a year ago from the perspective of who's doing well and who's not. Perhaps the most exciting developments came towards the end of 2012: Google released the Nexus 10 and updated the Nexus 7, Apple launched a smaller and cheaper iPad mini, while Microsoft went all in with the Surface RT and Pro.

    By Jose Vilches on

  • The Best PC Game Mods You Can Play Today

    Thanks to mods, your entire PC gaming experience can be improved by the work of dedicated fans. Because some mods are so extensive, transforming almost everything about the source title, we felt it was only fair to list 12 of the best of them here, since they may as well count as their own new games.

    By Luke Plunkett on

  • Most Anticipated PC Games of 2013

    It's an exciting year for gamers as we approach the next console generation and new software projects inevitably hit the PC as well. We've assembled a list of the hottest PC games expected to hit shelves over the next 12 months. Our selection includes 35 games and 10 bonus mentions we're lukewarm about.

    By Matthew DeCarlo on

  • Culture Smash: The State of PC Gaming in Japan

    What Western gamers think of PC games - the games from developers like Valve and Blizzard - aren't. When many Japanese gamers think of the country's PC gaming industry, the kneejerk reaction is to think of either dating or first person shooters.

    By Brian Ashcraft on

  • Windows 8 Boot Issues? Try Fixing the Master Boot Record (MBR) or Boot Configuration Data (BCD)

    Once you settle on the idea that you are not having a hardware problem and you are unable to boot up, your best bet is to try to fix the MBR (Master Boot Record). With a long history of dual booting different versions of Windows over the years, finding a corrupt MBR, boot sector, or Boot Configuration Data (BCD) is nothing new.

    By Julio Franco on

  • Do Video Games Make You Violent? An In-Depth Look At Everything We Know Today

    In the wake of last month's tragic shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school, and the revelation that killer Adam Lanza had enjoyed shooter games like Call of Duty, violent video games have again become a significant topic in national conversation. But have researchers found any links between video games and violence?

    By Jason Schreier on

  • Apple's Near-Impeccable 10-Year Run: Where They Succeeded and Others Were Too Lazy to Innovate

    During the past 10 years Apple has systematically attacked and conquered from several fronts. Here's a brief recount of those winning products, and where it applies, the industry incumbents that for one reason or another failed to innovate or at least failed to beat Apple at breaking products to the masses first.

    By Jose Vilches and Julio Franco on

  • The Year in Tech: 2012 Top Tech Stories

    This year we have divided stories in 12 heavily packed categories, with nearly 500 hand-picked headlines total. Feel free to jump around between your favored topics, but try not to miss the tech culture section where we revisit some of the most entertaining stories we covered this year. Here's our take on 2012...

    By TechSpot Staff on

  • The Best Gaming GIFs of 2012

    Video games and gaming in general had its highs and lows during 2012, but more importantly, we've all turned those highs and lows into animated GIFs for the rest of the internet to behold.

    By Chris Person on

  • Best Gadgets and Tech Products of 2012

    Before we move on to the latest and greatest devices of 2013, we figure it's worth revisiting some of 2012's most popular devices as suggested by our Product Finder, which includes reviews by hundreds of seasoned specialists across the Web. We've included 59 products across 14 categories along with their aggregate review score and a brief commentary that explains why they're special.

    By TechSpot Staff on

  • The Fear is Gone: My PC is my Next-Gen Console

    In September, I got myself a gaming laptop (yes, yes, I know, but it's a powerful one). I installed Steam and started downloading games. These games started updating themselves, snatching whatever files they needed, installing DirectX and god knows what else. I was trusting Steam and it was making my return to PC gaming a cinch.

    By Stephen Totilo on

  • Adobe's Flash Updater: Bloated, Confusing & Shady

    Being one of the most prolific sources of security vulnerabilities in Windows and other platforms, Adobe Flash Player needs no introduction. In spite of that reputation, and the fact that the rest of the industry is moving away from Flash, it'd just seem Adobe is making all possible efforts to make its software more bloated and less attractive to all consumers alike.

    By Per Hansson on

  • The Rise and Fall of AMD

    AMD has long been subject of polarizing debate among technology enthusiasts. Considering that it was once considered equal to Intel, many wonder why AMD is failing. However, it's probably fairer to ask how the company has survived so for long -- a question we intend to explore as we revisit the company's past, examine its present and gaze into its future.

    By Graham Singer on

  • TechSpot Holiday Gift Guide 2012

    Although you're working against the clock, the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales make this a fairly sensible time to dive in and ensure your loved ones are sufficiently showered in silicon-laced trinkets and baubles on the morning of December 25. As it happens, we have a soft spot for said gadgets and we've compiled a list of over two dozen things spanning all budgets that we'd love to find under the tree this year.

    By TechSpot Staff on

  • Is There a Touchable Windows 8 Laptop for You?

    While manufacturers haven't exactly flooded the market with touch-enabled laptops, there are some good options out there already. Expect a crush of touchable Windows 8 machines at CES early next year, but for those shopping this holiday, we have cherry picked the best touch-enabled, Windows 8 laptops.

    By Nathaniel Wattenmaker on

  • Black Friday 2012 Tech Deal Predictions

    The holiday season is right around the corner and so is Black Friday, when the Christmas shopping season officially begins. But actually, if you've been following recent deals you may have noticed several major retailers will launch their Black Friday sales ahead of the date. The best way to make the most of Black Friday savings is to be prepared.

    By Dealnews Crew on

  • How to Change the Start Screen Background in Windows 8

    Windows 8's new Start screen has been hotly debated, but beyond not offering a way to bypass this screen, surprisingly Microsoft is also limiting your options when it comes to customizing the Start screen's appearance. Here's a quick and practical way to change the Windows 8 Start screen wallpaper / background.

    By Jose Vilches on

  • How Has Windows Search Improved Since Win2k? Hint: It Hasn't!

    Last weekend I was feeling a bit nostalgic and fired up Windows 2000 on my home computer. Win2k has a special place in my heart. Sadly, due to planned obsolescence it's no longer possible to use this fantastic operating system with the latest software available.

    By Per Hansson on

  • Touring Microsoft, Sony and Apple Stores on Windows 8's Launch Day

    No one is more excited about the launch than Microsoft. The company has launched pop-up holiday stores at malls across America to promote the new OS and the Surface RT. I had a chance to check in with one of these stores at Aventura Mall in Miami, Florida.

    By Nathaniel Wattenmaker on

  • Microsoft at War: Grading Redmond's Battle Record

    Microsoft sits on the edge of a product launch that is plainly among the most important in the company's history. However, what might be more useful is looking at Microsoft's other make or break moments. A careful evaluation of them may provide a better, ahem, window into the company's chances this Winter.

    By Nathaniel Wattenmaker on

  • Interview with Malwarebytes' founder, Marcin Kleczynski

    Malwarebytes started its life as a company in 2004 as a one-man operation, but it wasn't until four years later that its star product was released, simply called 'Anti-Malware'. Since then the company has rapidly grown to establish itself as a serious player in the computer security industry.

    By Julio Franco on

  • Traveling with an iPad: Impressions & Accessory Survival Guide

    A recent Caribbean cruise vacation provided the perfect opportunity to test whether or not my iPad would make a suitable travel replacement. As such, I decided to put several products spanning multiple categories to the test to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses based on my hands-on experience.

    By Shawn Knight on

  • Interview: 2Dawn Games on its upcoming shooter 'Ravaged' and life as an indie studio

    Currently in beta, Ravaged is the brainchild of Boris Ustaev and his crew at 2Dawn Games, who have spent the last few years toiling away on a fast-paced post-apocalyptic multiplayer shooter with a strong focus on skills, teamwork, vehicular combat and most importantly, fun. In other words, it's everything the folks at 2Dawn have wanted in a modern PC shooter, but have been unable to find.

    By Matthew DeCarlo on

  • How to Access Region-Locked Online Content From Anywhere

    Online services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, Steam and many others have brought upon an era of instant, on-demand digital media consumption, but unfortunately this is a revolution not everyone can partake in as such services employ region locks. In this article we'll offer you three alternatives to get around these restrictions.

    By Jose Vilches on

  • Why I Left Facebook After 7 Years, But Was Forced Back In

    As Facebook closes in on one billion active users, its overwhelming success is mostly why I've decided to end my long-standing relationship with the social network. Seven years is a long time to maintain any online account, much less one that demands almost daily attention.

    By Shawn Knight on

  • Interview with DuckDuckGo Founder Gabriel Weinberg

    A relative newcomer to the search market, DuckDuckGo isn't shying away from the monumental task, however. In fact, with a simple, straightforward interface and clean results they've come up with one of the most appealing Google alternatives to date.

    By Jose Vilches on

  • Automate the Web Using IFTTT: Useful Recipes to Get You Started

    A relatively new web service, IFTTT (If This Then That) lets you automate tasks between other popular services such as Dropbox, Twitter, Evernote, Facebook, Instapaper, and many others. IFTTT works by telling it what task you want carried out, what will trigger this task, and it will put it into action for you.

    By Jose Vilches on

  • TechSpot Laptop Buying Guide

    Easing the hassle of going through countless notebook releases week in and week out, we've compiled a list of our favorite notebooks available right now and grouped them into five different categories: ultraportables, business & general purpose, desktop replacements, gaming notebooks, and budget laptops.

    By Jose Vilches on