In brief: iFixit has expanded its alliance with Microsoft, building on a partnership that was originally forged a couple of years ago. DIYers can now purchase genuine Microsoft replacement parts for select Surface devices directly from iFixit. As of writing, iFixit has components for the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Laptop Go, Surface Go, and Surface Studio.

Replacement parts are offered as part-only components or kits that include all of the necessary tools to complete a job. Pricing seems reasonable enough as well. For example, a Surface Go battery will set you back $79.99, a Surface Pro 8 SSD is $62.99, and a Surface Laptop Studio audio jack commands $24.99. Odds and ends like replacement feet or screws are also available should you need them.

iFixit has complimentary repair guides, disassembly videos, and Microsoft service manuals for associated devices to help with repairs.

iFixit said the expanded collaboration gives device owners more options to take control of their hardware and "save the planet," noting that each repair gets us closer to a more sustainable future with less e-waste.

There's a sense of pride that comes with repairing your own device. It is also a good way to potentially save a few bucks over having a shop do a repair, and fixing something yourself eliminates any privacy or security concerns. Repairs can also be done on your own time, with no need to drive to a local shop or ship your device off.

Back in late 2021, Microsoft partnered with iFixit on a manufacturing deal to create official repair tools for Surface devices. The initial batch of tools were designed specifically for authorized repair shops and included products like a display bonding frame to help with screen replacements, a battery cover to protect internal components on Surface Laptops, and a pick to pry open devices.

iFixit has similar partnerships in place with other leading hardware makers including Samsung, Google, and Valve. The repair specialist even recently requested a DMCA exemption for McDonald's unreliable ice cream machines.