A hot potato: Are you an Xbox owner who uses unauthorized accessories such as (certain) third-party controllers with your console? It seems that this will no longer be an option as Microsoft is blocking their use. The move is bad news for the likes of Brook Gaming, which confirmed its products are affected by the upcoming change.

Windows Central reports that Xbox consoles have been showing an error message (0x82d60002) when connecting some third-party controllers.

The message states that the connected accessory is not authorized, warning that the use of unauthorized devices compromises gaming experiences. Therefore, the accessory will be blocked from further use after two weeks. Microsoft suggests returning the product to the store or manufacturer for a refund.

A Microsoft support document confirms that the issue affects the likes of controllers, headsets, steering wheels, and joysticks that are not part of the company's Designed for Xbox partner program.

It's noted that this could also block third-party cheat devices such as the XIM, Cronus Zen, and ReaSnow S1 from working on Xbox consoles.

Brook Gaming, which makes adaptors for various game controllers, confirmed that its Wingman XB 2 converter and XB Fighting Board were affected by the change, while its UFB fighting boards and steering wheel adaptors are partially affected. The company says it is working to identify and develop potential solutions.

It's speculated that Microsoft's reasons for introducing the block could be related to it expanding approval for third-party Xbox controllers to include wireless controllers (Wireless headsets already need a security chip approved by Microsoft).

PowerA's MOGA XP-Ultra became one of the first official third-party wireless controllers when it launched earlier this year. The new restrictions could be part of a new security measure to stop cheating, but it's also likely to impact legitimate controllers, especially fighting joysticks.

As noted by The Verge, Maximilian Dood, the biggest fighting game channel on YouTube, was less than pleased with Microsoft's introduction of the block. "The Brook Gaming converters are not cheat devices. They're a huge boon to the fighting game community," it said, pleading with Microsoft of reconsider.