[COLOR=#1951B9]First I want to premise that these bugs have been discovered during a
bug research on a specific game & I knew about the implication of Gamespy only some minutes later. Yes Gamespy, the people who say to "welcome any & all help" & then send me an useless Cease&Desist & DEFAME me & moreover my hobby, the same people who say to "protect gamers rights & provide security" & then leave RogerWilco & Gamespy3d vulnerables to highly critical & pubblic old bugs (still now), the same "trusted people" who claim "Gamers trust us" & at the same time insert hidden functions in third party games.

However I have also provided some unofficial fixes for the games that
have no official patches at the moment or that are no more supported.[/COLOR]

Would you like to know more? This also details how to manually fix some holes in certain unpatched titles.