Before going through our new site poll, I wanted to drop a small note letting you know about a couple of changes on the site, first is that I have doubled storage capacity in our gallery section to 4mb (use it wisely!), also for the next few weeks we will be test-driving unregistered user posts in our news stories, hopefully this will attract more visitors to actually participate of the discussions and comment our news.

We have also posted a new poll asking for your opinion in our current site layout, although it's been up for sometime now and we eventually plan to move on on something better, we are still not there yet and wanted to get your present opinion on it. Our previous poll results are below, with the majority of users rejecting over 75% of their received mail, that sounds like a lot of bandwidth wasted!

How much mail do you reject/delete (is spam)?

Over 75% - 49% - 156 votes
< 10% - 19% - 60 votes
50 - 75% - 15% - 46 votes
25 - 50% - 10% - 31 votes
10 - 25% - 8% - 24 votes

Total votes: 317