There seems to have been an apparent failure of LCD TVs to make a major market impact, and this may work out just great for geeks like you and me. You see, an oversupply of LCD manufacturing will very likely mean cheaper cellular phones and laptops, as well as other electronic goodies.

LCD TVs were meant to be the next best thing since sliced bread - everyone was going to want one, and everyone was going to be upgrading their old family TV for a sparkling new LCD one. Problem was, people did upgrade, but to cheaper-priced alternatives instead. They decided not to bother with this year's state-of-the-art LCD TV and went for last year's widescreen, which had very likely substantially dropped in price.

As a result, we should see a plentiful supply in all sorts of bits and pieces like smartphones, laptops, and hot portable gadgets like DVD players for cars. And we all know what an abundance of supply does to price. More here.