Noticing something different on TS? We are in the process of moving to our new CMS (Content Management System) so if you experience any weirdness of some sort, don't worry, we are working on it as I speak.

We are completing phase one which involves site structure and frontpage. Our news no longer depend on vBulletin however the new system integrates seamlessly with it so you can continue using your account and now you will be welcomed with a friendly message as soon as you step in (be sure to log in, see link on top). We have added a new poll system and are opening a new downloads section which will be filled with lots of stuff eventually. There are a few more niceties here and there that I'll let you discover by yourself, just look around.

In the next few hours I expect to upgrade our forums to the latest version of vB as well, should be down for a litle while and if everything goes as expected, back up shortly.

You may not see much change in general but believe me, taking this step has taken a lot of effort. A big thank you should go to Philipp, developer of Storyteller and owner of websites NT Compatible and LinuxCompatible, great support on this part indeed.

Update: Upgrade to vB3 is now complete, still need to work on the template design but full functionality is there. Still need to work on a few things around the site that are not working after the changes.