Microsoft will offer up to $600 per server (up to a maximum of $15,000) to companies who agree to switch from Novell to Windows servers, it has been revealed. Yes, you heard that right - Netware users who switch to Windows and buy at least 50 client-access licenses per server will receive financial help in making the transition. Believing that the future of Netware is uncertain, Microsoft is hoping to cash in on the opportunity to win some more customers over to Windows 2003. The problem is, you see, Novell is switching over to Linux, and not everyone is ready for that, or wants that. Thus, we see even Netware fans thinking about switching to Microsoft solutions if they don't like Linux. Martin Taylor, Microsoft's platform strategy general manager, believes that many customers who are thinking about switching from Novell will do so to Windows 2003. And if they can be given a little “encouragement” then so much the better.