Microsoft have said that their vision of a future OS is one that that will never need patching, but because the Windows software is so complex this is a virtual impossibility. Nevertheless, Microsoft is going to try, and they will also be trying to extend the Windows patch cycle from once a month to once every six months. However, they remain concerned that this can only happen when users will be assured of safety.

"I would prefer [it] if I never have to release another patch again. When it comes to six months -- this is a direction we may decide to go in at some point. Right now, we have to balance the risk of exposing our customers and the speed at which we can deliver a patch." - George Stathakopoulos, Director of Microsoft product security.

We have to admit, though, patching is annoying and something that surely has to go one day. Its not fun having to constantly update your OS and worry about the sheer number of problems that are commonly found.

"Patching is time consuming and risky. It is important to patch but you want to minimise the number of times you want to patch throughout the year. Microsoft is definitely working towards reducing the number of times companies have to patch." - Neil Campbell, National security manager at Internet security specialists Dimension Data.