Who is the owner of itunes.co.uk? Well, as things stand at the moment, not Apple. A 22-year-old British Internet whiz kid is currently cybersquatting the domain, and Apple wants the name back for its iTunes online music stores.

"Benjamin Cohen, who joined the Internet's millionaires club after founding the SoJewish Web site when he was just 17, said on Wednesday he registered itunes.co.uk during the dot-com boom in November 2000, and that he wouldn't give it up without a fight."

Apple apparently trademarked the name "iTunes" in October of 2000, one month before Cohen registered the domain in his own name. However, it is claimed that Apple did not make the application of the trademark public until December 2000. Apple has offered to buy the domain from Cohen, who has declined on the grounds that he believes the offer to be too low. He maintains that he registered it fairly and squarely, and that he will not give up the domain without a fight. Apple declined to comment on the case.