The PlayStation 3 console should be unveiled by Sony before the start of the E3 games show, it has been revealed. The E3 show will take place in Los Angeles on 17 May, so its good money that the PS3 will be with us before then.

That the event might come much sooner than just ahead of E3 was signalled by Sony itself at its annual analysts' day. Its roadmap, which accurately listed the Japanese and US PlayStation Portable release timeframes, points to an announcement well ahead of E3, in Q1 2005, the last quarter of Sony's FY2004, when ends on 31 March.

Schedules change, of course - look what appears to have happened with the PSP's European launch. But with the formal unveiling of the PS3's processor, 'Cell', this week - not to mention the anticipated launch of Xbox 2, and possibly Nintendo's 'Revolution' too, at E3 - Sony may well want to kick-start public interest in PS3 as soon as it can.

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