Opera to MS: Get real about interoperability, Mr Gates.

Google has offered to assist online encyclopedia Wikipedia, by providing some much needed storage and hosting services to the giant non-profit site.

Sony Movie Unit to Issue Films for PSP Game System.

Microsoft forces IM upgrades - Mandatory upgrade of millions of MSN Messenger users is meant to plug vulnerability.

The Typo Millionaires - The sordid history of the oldest scam on the Internet.

Players test limits of 'World of Warcraft' - The online fantasy has become one of the fastest-selling games ever. Now its developers face around-the-clock technical challenges.

Skype Sets Its Sights on Cell Phones - VoIP software will come preinstalled on certain mobile handsets.

Valve has announced several neat new things coming down the Half-Life 2 pipeline, the neatest of which is the inclusion of High Dynamic Range lighting, or HDR.