Yes, its finally here: TV on your mobile. Not content with offering mp3 storage and playback, 3D multiplayer games, video conferencing and of course the ability to take pictures, mobile phone makers have taken this step to help boost falling mobile handset shipments. Many is the time I am on the bus and can't handle the frustration of not being able to catch up on the latest day time talk shows and all the other sorts of rubbish that's on TV today, no matter how many channels you have. Still, one does seem convinced by the notion that people might want to watch sport on the move, even if it is just catching up on highlights, or watching the morning news on the train to work, so perhaps this kind of thing might really take off.

Sixteen satellite and cable channels will be available, including news and sports stations from CNN and Sky, the Discovery Channel and even Cartoon Network.

If successful, music video stations and shopping channels will follow, while the companies involved hope the BBC and ITV will also sign up.