The next version of Windows, which will replace Windows XP as the dominant Microsoft OS has so far been known by the codename "Longhorn", however its final name has now been chosen...

Windows Vista logo

Seemingly, Microsoft unveiled the name in Atlanta on Thursday at the company's internal sales event. The company is expected to make the official announcement of the new name later today.

Microsoft officials declined to comment on the specifics of a "Longhorn-related" news announcement slated for Friday morning.

Longhorn Beta 1 is widely expected to be unveiled next week. Beta 2 is due in the first half of 2006. Microsoft officials confirmed on Thursday the final release is still on track for the latter half of 2006.
Funnily enough, back in February we reported that Microsoft had chosen the name "Microsoft Windows e-XPedition" for Longhorn. Either this was a wind up, or the name has been abandoned in favour of the new name of Vista.