Even with Firefox consolidated as a major choice in the browser arena, Internet Explorer has kept dominating the scene, and Opera, which recently became my browser of choice, has been relegated to a third place. Our new poll consists of just that, what you use as your primary browser... when we get the results a couple of weeks from now, I will bring a comparison of those numbers with the ones logged by our server to see how close they are.

Those are the results from our last poll/trivia. So were most of your answers correct? I think not =). While we became popular using the 3D Spotlight name - which got over 50% of the votes along with the 3DSpot variant - very few of you seemed to remember our roots, back in the day of the 3d wars between 3dfx Voodoos and Rendition Verite chipsets, I opened a small PC site dedicated mostly to Rendition cards, hence the name: "Pure Rendition".

Cool logo, huh? We were hosted by FortuneCity, on an URL that was definitely too long to remember, yet still received about 1000 visits a day at its peak (compare that to over a hundred thousand visitors today).