One of the biggest complaints about AMDs current lineup is that their high end processors, namely A64, A64-FX and Dual-Core varities, are very expensive. It has been a hallmark of AMD for a long time to offer a faster processor for a lesser price. That hasn't been true for some time, but AMD is changing that, for the better.

The Athlon64 X2 3800+, a dual-core 2.0GHZ processor with 512kb per-core cache, will be available to wholesalers for a mere $354, less than half of the price of other X2 variants. In comparison, the X2 4200+ retails for $555 and the 4400+ is well above $700. With a price much more in-line with a similair Intel offering, we'll be able to actually pick up a decent dual-core Athlon workstation without paying through the nose. Definitely a good thing for us AMD fans.

AMD is already reducing Athlon prices across the board, and likely we will see a price drop for the 3800+ as well in the not so distant future. A dual-core holiday X2 may be in order.