nVidia has officially released and announced their new line of 6100 GPU and nForce 400 'Media' Series chipsets for motherboards. The new line has been anticipated recently, for both its inclusion in the laptop market and as a solution to system integrators. Companies like ASUS, Chaintech, Gigabyte, MSI, Shuttle and more will be using these new parts to produce motherboards designed for office or media center machine use. The onboard video is supposedly the highest-performing integrated video to date, and includes important things such as DX9 and Shader Model 3 support. We can't get our hands on them just yet, but will likely be able to within a month:

”NVIDIA nForce 400 and GeForce 6100-based systems will be available from worldwide system builders in October. Additional product information and specific partner availability will be made at that time.”
The boards will be able to take both standard and DVI monitors, and the nVidia 400 Media has hardware support for DVD decoding of various sorts. Now we just wait for the next performance chipset from nVidia.