For those curious about the up and coming Xbox 360, including online support, potential games, backwards compatibility and a some others, there is a short 2-page interview available at bytesector. Jason Anderson, the Marketing Manager for "Xbox Canada", is interviewed, and responds more or less the way you'd expect. MS will be selling faceplates for the console, and apparently several games will be backwards compatible for the Xbox, and some games will be able to be played online with others regardless of the console involved. Sounds a bit to me like the Xbox 360 is being thought of as just an "upgrade" to the Xbox - much like the PC world. As for the games?

"JA: I don't actually know the numbers, but what I can say is that every major developer is involved with us this time around, and that wasn't the case the first time. At the end of the day, gamers don't know or care whether it's a first party game or a third party game---they just want to play great games, and we can't do it all on our own, so it's going to be about working with publishers like Activision, EA or whoever they may be"
Apparently everyone is on board, though sometimes that could end up being a bad thing. Eventually, the games will be able to be purchased online, and Xbox live will be an "integral" part of the console. STEAM anyone?