Hewlett-Packard has launched a new videoconferencing product called the HP Halo Collaboration Studio, which encompasses digital visual products and collaboration software tools. According to the company, the software is capable of creating realistic collaborative interaction through a colour-calibrated visual experience. Currently, software in this area suffers from such issues as participants in a videoconference not being able to smoothly hold multiple conversations or share visual images of smaller details on physical items. HP’s next software claims to overcome these problems.

Running on a 54mbps T3 line, a typical Halo room is controlled via a centralized software interface that allows participants to switch between rooms and enables documents to be shared directly from their notebook computers.

Participants can see each other in life-size images projected on the plasma displays and use a dedicated camera to project and zoom in on physical products on a table. Although HP is marketing the product to have "no perceived latency," a slight transmission delay was apparent during a live demonstration with HP executives in London.