Looking to further expand the use of your video iPod or Sony PSP, assuming you just happen to be running out of uses for them? Hauppauge Computer Works has released Wing, software designed to work with with the PSP and video iPod, to let you record from the TV directly to your portable, letting you lug them around in your pocket as you go. This may not seem all that interesting, but the idea of being able to have a setup that records shows you want, stuffs them on a mobile device and has it ready for you when you wake up is pretty nifty. Of course, this is designed to work only with Hauppauge's WinTV-PVR hardware, a PCI card.

"People can record their favorite TV shows and put them in a portable format and carry them around," said Ken Plotkin, president of Hauppauge, N.Y.-based Hauppauge Computer Works. Essentially, Wing is like TiVo for the video iPod or the PSP. It works by digitally recording TV programming directly from a user's PC to a portable device via the Hauppauge card.
The software is around $25, and will probably not work with competing PVR hardware, but assuming you are clever, you could do all this yourself – but some folks just want it easy.