Congratulations vnf4ultra! He is the winner of the first GeForce 7800 GT, with three more still waiting to go in our giveaway. Enter here for more details.

The first period of our giveaway went formidably well, thanks to everyone who participated. The winner has now been contacted through his registered email, and we expect a response during the following five days.

The selection went as planned and consisted of TS' staff and moderators picking members based on their activity during the December 14-28 period. The pool of selected members was the following:

PanicX*, Eleventeen, cyrax, dragonmaster, spike, vigilante, bartzy*, vnf4ultra*, subservient, mentaljedi, monkeyman, otmakus, Rage_3K_Moiz, PUTALE, barfarf, nathanskywalker, howard_hopkinso, asphix*, nimo333, Arcanum, canadian.
Notice it's relevant to know who was picked during the first period since you can double and triple your chances for the following contest periods (see: "The catch..." in the giveaway rules).

Once again, we are thankful for your participation and we certainly hope you keep doing so, as there are still three more videocards in play.

* Showed exceptional participation and received double slots in the pool. This deviates slightly from our original rules, however we thought it would be fair for those members who showed above-expectations performance.

Update (12/02): We certainly encourage users who weren't included in the pool to continue participating, your chances are almost intact with three more cards left.

Those wondering why you weren't included, remember that users are being hand-picked, meaning quality and relevance of comments matter A LOT. If this wasn't the case we could simply run a search of users posting over 20 items during the contest period, but the fact that we read everything you post makes a difference.