I dare say that the majority of our readers are pretty tech savvy, and have no problem with the basics of iPods, DVD players, desktops and notebooks. However, not everyone in this life is so fortunate. For some people, working a PC or an iPod is like a Gordian knot – a puzzle that makes no sense. For these folks help is at hand – at least in terms of iPod operation, and if they happen to live near Selfridges' flagship London department store. New tutorials costing £65 for 40 minutes are being offered there, covering "iPod Survival" sessions that aim to teach people everything there is to know about the fashionable Apple gadget.

The scheme comes in response to queries from customers who are baffled by the best-selling MP3 music players, a spokeswoman said.

Subjects covered will include general use of the iPod, using iTunes, installing and deleting videos, creating playlists and downloading Podcasts. Tutors will also give general pointers about iPod dos and don'ts.