Everyone loves dual core. That being said, not everyone can have it. Even the cheapest of dual core CPUs still run in the $300 range, with the P4 830 and X2 3800+ being around $320 for retail. Intel wants to bring dual core to more people, though, and is release the Dual Core 805, a 2.66GHz dual-core CPU using the older 533MHz FSB. Essentially, a dual-core Celeron, but with more cache. It's set to hit the market originally at around $200, with the price dropping even further, perhaps as low as ~$170. Imagine being able to build a cheap dual core rig on a “single core” budget. Clearly, a step ahead, even if it uses slightly older technology. Since the majority of users, both home and office, gain much more from having multiple cores over having faster CPUs, the benefit is easy to see.