The “Mobile DTV Alliance”, comprised of Intel, Motorola, Nokia and Modeo as its biggest players, have settled on a standard that they will back for mobile TV. Everything is getting mobile. You can watch videos on your cell phone, record movies with a camera, and perhaps soon, download and watch TV series on an iPod. Mobile DTV Alliance is pushing for support of Digital Video Broadcasting Handheld, which will be an open procedure standard to getting broadcast signals (ala cable television) into a mobile device.

"The mobile-TV market is heating up, with both trials and deployments accelerating over the next 12-18 months," said David Linsalata, research analyst for Mobile Markets at IDC. "The support of key industry players in promoting the advantages of the DVB-H standard will significantly aid mobile-TV deployment efforts in North America."
The primary reason for big players to come together like this, of course, is to help the infant technology be accepted quicker in the market. Look at the nightmare that BluRay and HD-DVD are causing for many vendors, with some even opting to simply “wait it out”. Waiting it out is never good for consumers from an availbility standpoint, and most of the tech industry is pushed by the need to upgrade.