More good laptop news: The function of a notebook in traditional desktop environments is very common now, but there are still some huge limiting factors, especially storage capacity. Last year, notebook drives got a much needed space upgrade, a whopping 120GB. Produce small storage, and you produce smaller portable storage, for sure. Western Digital is using their reference 120GB model to make an addition to their Passport external storage devices. The “Scorpio” line of drives are WD's notebook drives, which peak at 120GB now. The newer Passports now feature the 120GB Scorpio, can run completely off USB power, and are in a fairly tiny compartment, perfect for putting in your pocket.

I use a portable laptop drive every day, whether at work or at home – the advantage of having massive capacity in your hands wherever you go is incredible, especially if you do a lot of file transferring or data recovery. The new Passport will retail around $200, which is not all that much more considering the price of other 120GB drives. Of course, you could just buy your own external chassis to slip a drive into, and probably save a bit of cash.