Any news is hopefully good news about the socket formerly known as M2, because it has been scarce, despite being supposedly available sometime this year. Anandtech has details, at least some, on the AM2 socket. We know already that it will be a DDR2-supporting socket, and that the performance of DDR2 may really shine when coupled with the Athlon64s native memory controller and very low latencies. DDR has put DDR2 to shame for quite a while now, almost entirely due to massive latencies on DDR2. There are photos of the new socket and it looks, thankfully, that we won't be seeing a LGA socket for AMD, at least not now.

Despite being a 940 pin socket, it won't be backwards compatible with existing 940 pin CPUs. Many cooling devices might not be either. The new socket has double the mounting screws on the board, meaning the newer sockets might be able to support heavier heatsinks. A foretelling of things to come? Speculative release dates leave AM2 to be had anytime between March and July. Let's hope!