Virtualisation is becoming big, and Intel and AMD have locked horns over the issue, both trying to be the first to get their hardware support for virtualisation to market. Virtualisation, a technology that lets computers run multiple operating systems simultaneously, is soon to hit the mainstream. Intel claims that its Virtualisation technology is ready for testing, and is about three months away from prime time. AMD, on the other hand, claims that its rival Pacifica technology won't debut in processors until half way through this year, but is trying desperately to catch up. The company is trying to set its own technology as a standard for virtualisation of computer communications, and both companies are seeking the advantage in the strategic virtualisation area.

"We feel we're at critical mass in terms of having both software and computer maker support far enough along that IT departments can start to evaluate the technology," Lorie Wigle, director of marketing for Intel's Server Platforms Group, said. "We're at the stage where people should start their pilot with a notion of moving to production in a quarter or so."