Google is starting to also earn the ire of PayPal, adding to the list of feet Google is stepping on as they offer more services. Gbuy, a system similar to PayPal that facilitates 3rd party transfers of money securely, is what PayPal is concerned about.

”This is where Google has just the right mix to be able to challenge PayPal. Google has search, it has ads, it has presence, it has Froogle. In fact, it has all the necessary ingredients to pose such a big threat to PayPal that Jeff Jordan, PayPal's president, requested PayPal and eBay employees to monitor and watch for any news of Google's development of a service it calls GBuy.“
PayPal really has no rivals currently, being de facto method of payment online, overtaking many others when eBay purchased the company. They have received a lot of flak over the past three years, for poor customer service to the point where lawsuits were filed. Gbuy looks to move in on that exact territory, and this is one of those cases where competition is a good thing – a single provider of one service is rarely productive. From a consumer perspective, this is only a good thing, and we may see both services come out wonderfully.