Intel is apparently opening up a technology center in one of the most hostile parts of the world, the Gaza Strip. Intel is choosing to do this for various reasons, including that they believe it will have a positive impact on the area, with education and technology available to those who otherwise might not get the opportunity.

"We don't want to discount the tension in the area ... but from our perspective, we view it as something that can have a positive impact," said Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy. "If you talk to the leaders of the Palestinian Authority, this is exactly the kind of thing they want. They want education, they want paths to improve the economic well-being of their citizens."
Due to extremely high unemployment and a lack of high tech readily available, there is a real potential there to get work and information into the hands of many, and the concept itself is a good idea. The particular function of the center seems to be education, but also will provide Intel a way to expand into middle eastern markets.