In a press release issued yesterday, Via announced that the new Via PT890 for Pentium CPUs (similar to the 890 for Athlon 64 CPUs) is being released. Supporting all new Intel CPUs and the high-end 1066MHz FSB, it also comes equipped with S3's Chrome S25 or S27 series integrated video, lauded for their extremely low power consumption. Even though we've heard from Microsoft in the past that integrated video may not be “enough” for Vista, the press release assures that not only will the chipset with video be able to handle it, but take “full advantage” of what Vista has to offer.

Although the lack of Gigabit ethernet mentioned in the release is a bit disappointing, it does come with pretty much everything you need to setup a desktop system out of the box and likely will be at a good price point. As Vista approaches, many PC retailers are worried their existing solutions won't be able to handle Vista, though by the time January rolls around the availability of chipsets like this will be much higher.