Intel has advanced its plans as regards its launch schedule of its new Core microarchitecture. Chief executive Paul Otellini confirmed yesterday that the company would launch Woodcrest, Conroe and Merom and the third quarter. Perhaps a response to increasing competitive pressure from AMD, the move will see all three variants shipping "in volume."

In preparation of Core, Intel has to deal with rising inventory levels of 90 nm and also 65 nm processors. According to the company, already higher than usual inventory levels will continue to climb during Q2 and improve in Q3. The company now has three 65 nm factories online and mentioned that it will see more 65 nm than 90 nm wafer starts during this month. Despite increasing inventory levels, the company does not intend to slow its 65 nm chip production: "The 65 nm ramp and yields are on target. We are not slowing the process down. 65 nm is our future," said chief financial officer Andy Bryant during a conference call with analysts.