If you've ever managed active directory or worked extensively with Windows logging, you know how cryptic and frustrating the built in logging mechanism for Windows servers can be. A new startup company called LogLogic is looking to capitalize on that, with a new open-source logging system. Called Project Lasso, it looks to implement full Windows logging functionality in a more all-encompassing system that is intuitive and useful to administrators.

"Project Lasso broadens Windows administrators and manager’s options by enabling them to capture all windows event logs on a central server using next generation transport and without deploying agents,’ said Dominique Levin, vice president of product management, at LogLogic.
Quite a bit of sales speak, for sure, but a bold move nevertheless from the company to challenge the Windows logging system, which for the most part does not have any competetion - and open source at that. Great stuff. You can read more about Project Lasso here.