Though the RIAA has claimed they will not be filing lawsuits en-masse against home users like they have done in the past (much to the chagrin of the public), that doesn't stop other nationwide and worldwide industries from doing it. In Germany, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (European equivalent to the U.S.'s RIAA) has filed thousands of lawsuits against more than 3,500 people, charging them with illegally sharing music. Primarily, users of eDonkey have been targeted, and some unlucky folk were found having more than 8,000 songs up for perusal.

The final cost of the lawsuits is not that much different from in the U.S., with average settlements coming to around 2500 Euros, no small sum. With the RIAA pursuing other legal avenues that could impact users just as much as direct lawsuits, there doesn't seem to be any end of the litigation, and all of this over home entertainment. Ridiculous?