A host of new goodies are on their way from Seagate, which announced today the release of the ST18 series. The ST18 series includes a 1.8" perpendicular recording model designed for mobile use that can store up to 60GB per platter, as well as being low in power consumption. On top of that, Seagate is also offering some small-business items in the form of an update to the Mirra Personal Server. Version 2.0 of this device, for small business or home NAS, will have 320GB and 500GB varieties, though that's actually fairly low for other home storage solutions given that other manufacturers have 500, 750 and even 1TB models available. Seagate is also bringing updates to their LD25 series which is focused around media machines, which use fluid dynamic bearing motors for extremely quiet drives. They have even more updates in the works, such as three new additions to the Momentus line, their latest in 2.5" mobile drives, including a 7200RPM drive.

In the desktop arena, Seagate is bringing a 10,000RPM drive with a 146GB capacity to market as well as the Barracuda ES, a "one-touch" backup solution that has sizes up to 750GB. The 10k drive, while the same size as a laptop drive, is actually designed for desktops or small servers, rather than a mobile environment. As the article states, this is fallout from Seagate acquiring Maxtor, which will surely result in many more changes to their product lines in the months to come.