Some recently emerging companies are going after the "Internet anywhere" feature, in which a properly configured laptop could have Internet access just about anywhere you go, assuming the company you choose has enough coverage. Many companies are expanding on this idea, and Lenovo (who took over IBM's ThinkPad line) is planning to offer such a service starting with the ThinkPad T60. Utilizing the EDGE and BroadbandConnect networks, the goal would be to partner with providers like Cingular and make a pay per month system available. Lenovo's current partnership is with Verizon, leaving some to suspect that they may be departing from that and partner with both companies.

Would people want this? Companies like Clearwire are offering such services, but there's no data available on how much people actually use it versus simply using broadband at home. With the widespread availability of free Internet access at hotels and coffee shops, there might not be much room for this. But how about broadband access in the middle of nowhere? Provided there's a close enough cell phone tower, then this could potentially become an attractive idea.