AMD has recently announced that more 939 products will reach end of life, sooner than anticpated. Socket 939 isn't going to see orders much longer, with them saying that by the end of 2007, vendors will no longer be able to order X2 models for socket 939. While this comes much sooner than many would expect, AMD will no longer manufacture the parts and probably does not have the vast inventory that other companies would of older product. The article brings up a good point about the CPU giants intentions:

Strangely AMD has announced its Commercial Stable Image Platform Program certified systems based on NVIDIA Business Platform motherboards and Socket 939 processors have been deemed as having excellent stability yet the current required processors are nearing end-of-life.
Unfortunately for enthusiasts, this may mean that 939 processors won't see the huge price dips many are waiting for next year. We may see a price drop after the processors are discontinued and retailers want to expel their inventory, but that's over a year and a half from now.