The AMD and ATI deal is shocking to some and interesting to others. Regardless of how you see it, you'll probably enjoy reading a recent interview with ATI and Jon Carvill. Some good questions are asked, such as ones about the rumor of vendor-locking by AMD once the deal is complete. Some are worried that now people using an ATI card would only be able to use it on an AMD board. That, of course, was denied:

This merger is about growth, innovation and choice for our customers. AMD is committed to an approach of delivering open platforms where customers can choose the right solution to meet their unique needs. We’re also committed to delivering market-leading products that provide the highest levels of performance, power efficiency and scalability. As part of that model we have to give customers the ability to choose – whether that be a unified platform or best-of-breed solution.
It isn't a technical interview and is an easy read, mostly going over future plans for both companies. Check it out.