Though some were unhappy with the amount of money Google was willing to settle for, the $90 Million exchange has been approved by a U.S. Judge. The settlement is part of the click-fraud lawsuit that hopefully will result in more accurate click-fraud detection and prevention in the future. Of course, you can't please everyone:

Miller County Circuit Judge Joe Griffin called the settlement "fair, reasonable and adequate" and downplayed claims it hurt small advertisers. More than 70 objections were filed, with smaller companies saying they didn't have the resources to prove "click fraud" losses.
Google isn't the only search company that click-fraud poses a problem to, with all major search engines including MSN and Yahoo dealing with the exact same issue. The article states that some ponder the value of that $90 Million to be a half cent on the dollar amount lost due to click fraud, just going to show how utterly huge search advertising can be.