With the launch of Core 2 Duo for the desktop, the life of Intel's original dual core desktop CPU is reaching its end, much sooner than most CPUs make it. Starting with the halting of shipments for boxed processors in March of 2007, it will soon be followed by the halting of shipments of trays in February 2008. Before the end of this year, vendors will no longer be able to order the CPUs. This EOL policy affects all the earlier core dualie CPUs from the 830 to the 940. While some may be surprised at the early exit of these CPUs, it's not a surprise at all and in fact something encouraging to me, with the huge advantages that Core Duo has over the original Smithfield and other cores. Intel said just as much:

Intel’s reasoning for the discontinuing the four Pentium D processors is "Market demand for the Desktop Intel Pentium D processors 930 and 940 has shifted to other Intel processors. The products identified in this notification will be discontinued and unavailable for additional orders after the "Last Product Discontinuance Order Date."
The lower-cost variants of these CPUs will likely stick around for a longer time, with more interest in the budget market for them than the newer, more expensive CPUs.