The Dell laptops which will feature AMD processors we heard about earlier in the week will be featuring (no big surprise here) ATI graphics cards. With AMD starting the process of acquiring ATI and thus inheriting the Xpress chipset and all ATI's cards, it makes great business sense for both AMD and Dell to supply ATI onboard. In fact, from a support perspective it makes sense as well.

There's only one problem I have with this. With Intel's greater reliance on nVidia in the future as a performance graphics platform and AMD rebranding ATI, it appears we may eventually have a situation where you can no longer hand pick your CPU, chipset and video card seperately. Rather, you'd have that all decided for you from the ground up. At the very least, it appears that the video card and CPU will be tied more closely together. That will be a sad state of affairs if it comes together, since with only a few players in the CPU and video card market anyways, what little choice we do have could disappear. Your thoughts?