The new real-time strategy game set in WWII, Company of Heroes, delivers full cinematic detail, and in doing so, it requires quite a lot of processing power. With all the visual enhancements enabled, Company of Heroes looks stunning, easily making one of the best looking RTS games of all time.

However, before purchasing this game or even considering a hardware upgrade, it will be important to know first if your computer will run it, and second how good it will actually look while at it. There is indeed a massive difference between low and high quality settings in CoH, suggesting older systems will still be able to run this title. But then again, having visual settings set at their maximum really does this game justice.

We have set up a system for testing Company of Heroes performance with 14 different graphics cards from both ATI and Nvidia, using three different in-game quality configurations, at three different resolutions, plus quality comparison screenshots to boot.

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