Jack Thompson doesn't stop. In his relentless craze to take down Take-two, his endless lawsuits have made for a media circus the past few years. Most recently, the upcoming Rockstar release of "Bully" has earned his ire. Despite the game not even being released yet and supposedly not a game that endorses violence, Thompson has requested that a Florida Judge put an injunction on the game, which could prevent it from being released. While technically illegal, the court is still pursuing this option:

But in the Florida lawsuit, an anti-video game attorney named Jack Thompson is asking for precisely that. He filed a motion on Wednesday asking the court "to grant some relief to stop the witless, crass release of this game in five days."
It isn't in just the U.S., either. Some politicians in the U.K. are calling for the ban of this as of yet unreleased game. I recently read a three page review of a beta, and found it to be quite humorous. Exactly the opposite of many other Rockstar games, "Bully" seemed to be pretty much par for the course when it came to games. Will the courts actually try to uphold this injunction? If so, will Take Two comply? Probably not. They've been pursued in the courts in the past, and likely have a team of lawyers standing by. It's a pretty sad state of affairs when it requires the law to push a game to the shelves.