For all Firefox fans out there who have been eagerly waiting, Firefox 2.0 has now been released. The new version of the popular Internet browser has not been announced in Mozilla’s front page just yet, but it can be downloaded here. Mac and Linux versions are also available both in English and in Spanish. Installation is fast and really easy as you would come to expect, however you will also have to update your add-ons since older ones designed for FF 1.5 are not compatible.

The first thing that will catch your eye is the fresh look the browser has. The second change I noticed were the major improvements in the tabbing scheme. Before, the more tabs you opened the smaller they got, but now all tabs remain the same size. To navigate through the tabs you now have right and left arrows at both ends of the tab bar, and a drop down on the far right side which shows them all. Release notes are not available yet but hopefully we will get them later on, so keep tuned.