In a format war that pretty much involves all the major forces in the technology business, some have taken sides, some others have decided to sit back and wait, others simply support both formats. Samsung was one of the first companies to put a Blu-ray player in the market, but they did not confirm their loyalty to Sony's format. Now for the first time they have officially declared that will exclusively support the Blu-Ray format. They took the statement one step further and say there are no plans for combo devices.

Steel also said that Samsung has no plan to develop HD-DVD players or combo devices, which support both the Blu-ray and HD-DVD platforms. A public relations official of Samsung confirmed it on Monday.
Samsung has joined the Blu-ray alliance which is home to other companies like Apple, Dell, HP, and Warner. It is definitively a tough call at this point, and there have been no clear indications of a format rising above the other so far.